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Thuy graduated dietitian from the Queensland University of Technology in 2019. She is passionate about and immensely dedicated to helping individuals with their nutritional needs through support, guidance, evidence-based education and collaboration. Her interest areas include sports nutrition, diabetes, gut health, and nutrition support. Thuy has completed over 900 hours of volunteering in various areas of nutrition including eating disorders, sports nutrition and paediatrics. In addition, she has participated in several interdisciplinary programs to further her skill and knowledge in working with various health professionals in a multidisciplinary team. Thuy is fluent in Vietnamese. This unique skill set allows her to translate technical information for her Vietnamese patients. The integrative approach Thuy uses to engage patients enables her to help culturally diverse individuals to achieve their nutrition and health goals.

When Thuy isn’t working as a dietitian at Way of Life nutrition, she loves expressing her creativity by developing simple but delicious recipes and continuously working on ways to convey what may seem complex nutrition content into simple tips and facts on her nutrition-dedicated social media account.